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Plans for the Optometry trip to Tororo.

Date Posted: 07 August 2015

The Chair for Vale for Africa, Ted Arbuthnot will be leading the Optometry trip to Tororo this year. It will be from Sept 12th to 21st and will be covering two key goals;

Firstly to test the eyes of as many people as possible by the three Optoms going on the trip. The problems in Tororo regarding eye care are simple, firstly primary care in the rural areas is sparse so identifying people who are in need of treatment is difficult. Then transporting them to a centre where they can access care is not easy. Thirdly the Government hospital struggles to keep good staff and facilities available.

This links to our second key goal which is to train both hospital staff in testing eyes and also Village Health Teams to do the same in the rural villages. We also hope to train staff in the Government hospital. We will also to take out some essential equipment to re-establish eye unit.

We will also be testing children's eyes in primary and secondary schools in the country districts and then in a rural health centre, Gwarragwarra, where we will be examining the eyes of adults and elderly.

Obviously none of this would be available without the generous donations made by you all for supporting Vale for Africa and with your continued generous support we will be able to still support the Tororo district.