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Isaac receives his first University offer

Date Posted: 16 February 2015

Isaac, the student at Atlantic House has recived the first of his University offers. He has been awarded a full scholarship at the University of Oklahoma. Of course all of us at Vale For Africa are incredibly proud of Isaac. But here is a message from Mrs. Owor of TOCIDA;

"I say Hurray to the great "Vale for Africa / Atlantic College"  for the transformation you have made to the Tororo communities at large and the youths of Tororo in particular. Who would ever have thougth such opportunities was possible for peasant people's children? you are working miracle over there. We are very very grateful to you all for this magnanimous generousity!!!

Of course,  Isaac has done us proud and we congratulate him heartly"

All of wish Isaac the best in his University education and we anticipate that he will recieve offers from all the Universities he has applied to.